The lightest dropped seatpost on the market. You don't need to carry unnecessary hundreds of grams on the uphills to go  fast on downhill.


- weight:,

- length:,

- travel: 60mm,

- sizes: 27,2 mm, 30.9 mm, 31,6 mm,

- built for: XC/AM/Enduro,

- color: carbon 3K,

- seat offset: 0 mm.


Race proven, unfailing system that works
in every condition- mud, freeze, sand...

Precision manufacturing of carbon components causes elimination of saddle “shaking” (twisting  left and right). In effect it's improves pedaling efficiency in compared to unstable cycling saddle.

Much more flexible in pedaling position than aluminum dropped seatposts. More comfort during the offroad uphills, and trails.
Quick and easy installation.

Ergonomic, fast acting lever remote

Heat of post made from carbon, titanium
and aluminum components. Compatible with most cycling saddle on the market.

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