About us

The JBG-2 DPS seatpost has been created as a response to today's  mountain racing bikers’ expectations. In cooperation with our team having raced successfully for many seasons in marathons and cross-country competitions around the world, we have found a solution to the problem of too high weight of the currently available seatposts.

Nobody likes to lift several hundred extra grams uphill. Nobody likes to ride with a saddle at a bad height: too low on the uphill or too high at the descents. No more considering whether to gain on the uphill thanks to proper weight or on downhill thanks to the lowered seat.

 With us you can get 6 cm extra clearance under the pants at the weight of a good, unadmitted carbon seatpost. That gives you the ease of overcoming steep slopes and any technical parts of the route. You can increase not only the convenience and ease of riding on difficult sections, but also speed and safety. Feel the freedom of movement over your bike!

JBG seatpost is a product created for people who are aware of the values ​​and opportunities that their Mountain Bike can provide when it is light and handy!